Alessandro Music Series One 2009 Headphones

These came today, my first foray into the world of audiophile headphones.

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Comfort Food I

Kung Pao Chicken

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Spinach Cream Lasagna with Napoli Inspired Ragú

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Whole grain linguine under beef ragú, topped with spicy hummus glazed eggplant and green peppers.

Well ok, still not sure how I feel about the whole grain pasta, but it was good overall. The rich flavors of the ragú and eggplant/pepper topping helped the pasta a lot though, but still some of that wheat-taste shown through. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of whole grain pasta or not, this was a box of Barilla. The whole wheat Gia Russa I’ve tried was much better though.

Authentic Carnitas in Pictures


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Carnitas and Cubanelle Peppers with Green Onions in a light Spicy Chili Garlic Bourbon sauce with Potatoes and Cracklins under Monterey Jack.

Now this came out much better than the last kitchen experiment. Its not that the other wasn’t good, it tasted phenomenal, but the execution was still lacking in areas. This on the other hand came out perfect, with a single exception: the cracklins should have been smaller so they would be closer to bacon bits than the chunks they were.

This dish features the use of the home rendered lard in full effect, as everything except the potatoes were cooked in it. The potatoes were baked and then fried in a little bit of butter with the cracklins before being coated with shredded Monterey Jack cheese.

The experimental spicy chili garlic bourbon sauce, a mixture of: dark chicken stock, sriracha hot sauce, and bourbon worked perfectly in its cooked down and glazed state over the carnitas and thinly sliced cubanelle peppers and green onions.

mmm, good.

Pan seared lamb loin in balsamic red wine reduction mushroom sauce over tortilla strips with green bean medley.

Experimenting in the kitchen on vacation. The result was nice except for some mistakes:

  • I should have better trimmed the fat from the lamb from the bite sized pieces, it was not cooked enough to become tender.
  • The sauce was strong, nice, but strong. It should have been served on the side or perhaps around the plate?
  • Presentation is weak because the lamb totally covered the tortilla strips, a shame.

The Good.

  • The green bean medley had garlic chili sauce and chopped black olives with shredded carrot strips, it was a perfect balance to the intense flavors of the meat and sauce.
  • The lamb was perfectly cooked and its garlic/olive oil/rosemary marinade was in perfect balance with its rich flavor.
  • The tortilla strips absorbed the lamb juice and sauce and added just the right about of crunch to the dish.

Pork Schnitzel in Pictures


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Garlic Pork Fried Rice

Simple. Easy. So Tasty. This is fried rice to me. The logistics of which are the hard part, the cooking is dead simple.

What do I mean about logistics? I mean you can’t sit and say: Hey, I’d like some pork fried rice and then whip some up in a jiffy. The rice needs to have been prepared ahead of time, and while I use a shortcut to save time and effort, it still needs to sit overnight in the fridge. So right, you need to think ahead.

There is one more hurdle: while the cooking is dead simple, the speed is fast. You have no time to stop and realize an ingredient isn’t ready when you cook fried rice, or you will burn something. Make no mistake, this is high intensity, high heat, and sweat inducing cooking here. You literally have less than a minute to make changes during the middle steps, or your eggs will burn. Burnt eggs in fried rice just doesn’t cut it, and makes the whole dish far less impressive at the end.

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